Monday, June 11, 2012

Recent EEOC Settlements

--Dallas, Texas trucking company to pay $50,000 to settle disability discrimination suit after refusing paraplegic two promotion opportunities.   

--A Detroit, Michigan health center to pay $35,000 to settle religious discrimination suit after firing an employee who was a Jehovah's witness who requested an accommodation of days off that so she could attend spiritual meetings and participate in field service as a part of her sincerely held religious belief.

--Chapman University to pay $175,000 to settle sex discrimination case after denying female professor tenure.

--A Miami, Florida hospice care provider to pay $65,000 to settle a disability discrimination lawsuit after failing to reassign Registered Nurse Eveline Chery to a vacant position for which she was qualified after she became unable to perform the responsibilities of her current position due to her disability, high blood pressure.  Instead, Vitas required her to compete for the position with other applicants.  She applied and competed for the vacancy, but was not selected by Vitas.  

--A Davidson, Maryland garden center to pay $50,000 to settle disability discrimination lawsuit for firing a worker because he has hemophilia.

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