Monday, October 17, 2011

Target Worker Fired for Working Through Lunch Break

In case being labeled "ironic" by the plaintiff, an 8-year veteran of Target stores, Jason Kellner, has filed suit in federal court after being terminated for working while on his lunch break.  The suit, however, is a retaliation charge as Kellner, along with several other Target employees, had been an outspoken opponent of the store's break policy (employees are not allowed to work while off the clock for overtime pay purposes).  Kellner claims that though policy does not allow employees to work while off the clock, he was routinely not given uninterrupted breaks because he was often needed for to address problems that occurred during his break.  Coincidentally, Kellner had met with an "investigative manager" about the issue just two weeks before his termination.  Target did not respond to the suit when contacted by the Huffington Post who had the story.

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