Monday, May 9, 2011

Viewing Your Employee File

Probably one of things employees often do not know about, at least in Wisconsin, regards their right to view their employee/personnel file. A lot of employees wonder what happens with those yearly reviews, disciplinary write-ups and handbooks and often never see these materials unless they are terminated. In Wisconsin employees are allowed, under law (Wis. Stat. sec. 103.13), to view their personnel file twice per year within seven (7) working days of a request. There are some exceptions to this rule, like if a collective bargaining agreement provides for more views, etc., but typically an employee may view their file and it probably doesn't hurt to do so just to make sure everything is going smoothly or just to browse the employee handbook for good measure!

Be aware, however, that you are not entitled to a copy of your file but merely to inspect the file, which may include simply viewing the file in the HR office. Also be aware that if you are disciplined or terminated for making this request an employer may be in violation of Wisconsin discrimination laws. See. Wis. Stat. sec. 111.322.

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