Monday, March 28, 2011

Former Jimmy John's Employees in Major Labor Battle

Six former Jimmy John's (JJ's) employees from the Minneapolis area who led union organization efforts have filed labor complaints with the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) after they were recently terminated. The employees were not happy with JJ's sick leave policy and believed they were violating health codes for having sick employees preparing food for the public. Thus, the employees made posters informing the public of the fact their sandwich may be prepared by someone who was sick (see above). Posters were also made encouraging patrons to flood store lines during lunch hour. In the fall, unionization efforts failed when workers at the Jimmy John's restaurants rejected joining the IWW Jimmy John's Workers Union in an 87-85 vote. In January, the NLRB set that loss aside and cleared the way for a new election if the union chooses to pursue one.

JJ's says these employees were fired "to protect the jobs of the people who work for the company." However, the former employees see it differently and believe they were fired for engaging in protected activity and in retaliation for their unionization efforts.

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