Saturday, March 5, 2011

Another Facebook Firing

Another Facebook termination has occurred and this one comes from Massachusetts. A firefighter, Richard Doherty, was fired after several coworkers reported his Facebook writings to town officials. While the exact content of Doherty's Facebook post(s) are not disclosed in the news article, Doherty apparently "railed against the police officer over some incident, angrily carried on about being forced to work on the Fourth of July holiday and made a homosexual slur."

Doherty was a union member and his union, IAFF Local 1717, is grieving the termination citing First Amendment rights. (Remember, public sector employees may assert the First Amendment whereas private sector employees cannot and usually assert protected activity rights under the National Labor Relations Act).

I have a feeling that after a while these Facebook terminations won't be news worthy, but until then and until we get some case law out of them, us employment law bloggers will continue to highlight them.

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