Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Employer's Facebook Posts Sparks Lawsuit

Usually it's an employee's Facebook posts that get them in trouble but not at a popular suburban Pittsburgh sports bar. A former waitress, Audra Harris, filed a complaint with the EEOC alleging that tavern managers failed to take action when Harris filed a complaint with human resources against a manager in late September for uttering a sexual slur against her. Harris said a week later she found threatening comments on tavern owner Deborah Maggio's Facebook page that she believes were aimed at her. Harris resigned the next day, charging the Facebook postings were retaliation for her complaint.

I expect to see many, many more claims like this because of the way people use Facebook and how it has managed to severely blur the line between personal and professional in the workplace. Facebook is a website that allows people to communicate except, unlike spoken words, often times comments are left for all to see and be discovered as if we all recorded our conversations.

The Pittsburgh Tribune-Review has more on the story.

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