Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Woodman's Hit with Two EEOC Complaints in a Week

Woodman's Food Market has been hit with two EEOC complaints in a week from former employees at its Madison location. One complaint alleges disability discrimination after a former employee was told that they could no longer accommodate her long standing restriction and that they had no other positions for her. Last week another former Woodman's employee had a complaint filed on her behalf based upon pregnancy discrimination after an assistant store manager asked her if she was pregnant and then told her he would have to fire her, or she could quit and reapply after giving birth.


  1. Good to hear that employees are no longer tolerating the discrimination at work places,People who are indulging in these kind of discrimination must be severely punished.

  2. The second case mentioned (an employee being told of an adverse action by an assistant store manager) left me wondering what the store manager or a higher-level manager or company executive would have said if the employee had complained about what the assistant store manager told her. Or did she complain to someone higher and was rebuffed? On the face of it, it seems that the company needs to ensure that its managerial staff are better trained to deal with situations like that.