Thursday, July 22, 2010

Attorneys Object to Time Limit on Unemployment Insurance Hearings

An article in the Wisconsin Law Journal describes the objections from both attorneys and administrative law judges on the new 30-60 minute time limits for unemployment insurance hearings that went into effect July 11.

I haven't had a hearing under the new time limits but also tend to agree that it will probably hinder due process in cases where several witnesses and exhibits are needed, though those are in the minority in my experience. I can't offer up any solutions since I do not know the Department of Workforce Development's budget for hiring more ALJs nor do I know what process is involved in creating the dockets for UI hearings but I am always amazed at the low level of activity at hearing offices for a Department with such a large backlog. You would expect a zoo at these hearing sites and, instead, you can almost literally hear the clocks mounted on the walls ticking.

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